Server Locations

All servers are in our own dedicated racks with no activity logging:


We support servers in:


The Netherlands is the most secure country, recent law changes in Europe have removed the requirement to retain any data.


The United Kingdom is probably the least secure for personal information but it's great for watching iPlayer.


The United States is another country that likes to know what everyone is up to but much tougher constitutional laws make it a much safer bet than the UK.



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How does it work?

How does it work?


When you browse the Internet normally through any network your information is open to anyone to read.  This is very simple and allows someone to see where you go, what you do and more importantly, capture your personal information.


At we create a connection called a VPN.  This is a secure connection that encryts all your information and is not readable by anyone else so wherever you are your privacy is always maintained!  There is no software required and works on all Platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, IPhone etc